Google ....... Go-Ogle and you will find out poor support for our site in the search results and for what reason really ?
 Monopoly ? Megalomania ?

It   is  all  about  connecting  the  dot's.  That  is  what  it  is  all  about.

Lot  of  things  are  not  true.  And  other  things  are true.

 Why  are  so  much  things  in  this  world  a  secret  to   us.

We  where  the  power.  We   " the  people "   "are"   the  executives.

So connecting the dot's to us means   obtaining a certain basic knowledge


learn   the   angle  from  how  to  obtain  knowledge  in  it's  full  context  and  than


to connect  the dot's  and how to come to a final objective conclusion.


The build up of a base here under is a view in the kitchen of what issues
our heads are filled with.  A welcome brainwash.  A needed refreshed look at things
where the old frame of mind really made no sense anymore and where the struggle between

 good  and  evil

 is today.


The  world  has  a  good  chance  to  change

We  are  going  to  be  more  active

and  we  start  to report  about  these  worldwide  changes.

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Connect this DOT !

Psycho Terror

psychiatry an industry of death

Connect this DOT !

The Tartarians

The hidden history

Connect this DOT !

The  Black Venetians

A black history about the black nobility